Telephony Services

From traditional voice, to contact center, and Voice over IP, DJJ gives you more options for voice and data technology and solutions than any other provider.

DJJ offers solutions and services that help you leverage the value of your business’s communication and data investments.  Our certified and experienced team has complete communications solutions, including evaluation, design, procurement, implementation, and maintenance. We provide an unmatched solution portfolio from industry leading IP Telephony, Security, LAN / WAN Infrastructure, and wireless services. We have experience in every major industry sector and all business sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Mobile Applications
  • Multimedia Contact Centers
  • Call Center (EAS, CMS, BSR, Advocate)
  • Multimedia Contact Centers
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Multi-location Networking
  • Computer Telephony Integration ( CTI)
  • Wireless (Voice and Data)
  • Multi-location Provisioning
  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
  • Hosted PBX
  • Remote VoIP Users
  • Financing and Lease Programs
  • Warranty and Maintenance Support

Telecommunications inventory, assessment, and optimization services from DJJ deliver a comprehensive analysis of your current telecom services, contracts and costs. This can be used to reduce expenses, procure telecommunications services, plan for network and wireless optimization, and serve as a basis for pending network technology migrations or transformations. All mobile and fixed-line communications services are in scope of this service offering.

DJJ has successfully performed this service for more than 200 enterprise clients. Historically, these projects have yielded more than 20 percent annual savings in client communications costs. In as little as 60 days, telecom consulting from DJJ provides your company with a communications inventory baseline of services, contracts, and terms for your current telecom and financial practices.

DJJ collects a variety of historic data from your company and builds a profile of telecommunications information. We examine carrier service agreements, carrier bills, customer service data, and disconnection letters. We also conduct physical site inspections. Next, we conduct a detailed analysis of your company’s telecommunications infrastructure and help you gain control over your telecom inventory.

The DJJ Book of Business* provides a representation of your inventory and telecom profile, and can be categorized by any included data category such as class of service, carrier, and cost. Existing contracts are assessed for market competitiveness, remaining obligation, and possible negotiations leverage.

As part of the telecommunications inventory analysis, DJJ can audit inventory rates against your company’s contracts and report on variances. You can then engage DJJ to pursue corrections and credits for any errors. With Aberdeen estimating that 7 to 12 percent of all telecom invoices are in error, your business could be leaving money on the table. This can be avoided with telecom expense management from DJJ.

The detailed Book of Business can provide categorization to the individual circuit and call-type level, including specific rate identifiers and cost elements. DJJ can benchmark these against our intellectual property database and gauge the competitiveness of your contract pricing. Telecommunications benchmarking gives you the vital information for managing a highly competitive procurement process and identifying a best in class (BIC) service provider.

The Book of Business* exposes opportunities to reduce, change, or eliminate expense elements. Armed with a detailed inventory and client interviews with key stakeholders, DJJ can identify areas to strategically and tactically produce cost savings and avoidance.

Telecommunications sourcing and implementation service from DJJ executes client decisions regarding sourcing, technology, optimization and policy planning. This enables you to concentrate on running your business while DJJ acts on your behalf and in your best interest. All mobile or fixed-line telecommunications services are in the scope of this service. DJJ has successfully performed this service for more than 300 enterprise clients seeking superior telecommunications solutions.

DJJ has more than a century of combined telecommunications negotiations experience within our seasoned consulting staff. We are uniquely positioned to minimize your required effort and maximize beneficial results for your company. By working on dozens of simultaneous contract negotiations at any given time, DJJ sees state-of-the-art contract terms and conditions from carriers of all sizes. As a result, we can negotiate best-in-class contracts for any communications service.

Armed with the detailed Book of Business* inventory of services, DJJ can efficiently and effectively pursue telecommunications optimization recommendations with the targeted carriers. Whether this results in changing mobile plan types and features, or executing orders and disconnect notices on a network technology transition, DJJ acts upon the client’s approval to execute its holistic communications vision. Historically, telecom expense management from DJJ has yielded more than 20 percent annual savings for clients in their communications costs