IT Support

Whether you’re a small start-up or an established multi-office business, your network and IT infrastructure is critical to your success. Our onsite technical staff are dedicated to make that happen.

When you need to focus on your business, we're right there with you.

It can be difficult for a company to focus on both their core business and stay on top of the latest IT trends and technologies.

IT Support

DJJ assigns every customer a highly experienced, certified technical consultants and account management specialists. By placing our experts in your office on a regular basis, we are able to understand your challenges and opportunities the moment they arise. This allows us to offer you proactive advice and remedies, so that you can stay at the top of your game — building competitive advantage in your marketplace. See also Disaster Recovery

Strengthen your internal IT force… Without the risks.

For many organizations, IT staffing represents an ongoing challenge. Technology is constantly changing, while finding and training IT personnel can be difficult and very expensive. To address these challenges, DJJ maintains a large pool of certified IT professionals with the most highly requested skill-sets. All of our professionals have been carefully vetted for their technical proficiency, creative problem solving and customer service aptitude.

Each consultant also goes through our rigorous training program, reference and background checks, ensuring they meet our high standards. As you would hope to expect, every DJJ technical consultant that you engage with also brings the support of our entire technical team.

Whether it’s a short-term engagement or long-term relationship, a DJJ technical professional can help ensure your project’s success. Our talent, experience and great attitude will fill any gaps in your IT department.

Most organizations can’t afford to have an on-site support engineer managing their network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why we offer a powerful Cloud computing service that monitors your critical network functions. By identifying network issues before they become larger problems, we can save you significant time and money.

With our Cloud-based remote Network and Appliance Monitoring service, we can configure and remotely monitor all of your important network systems (e-mail, servers, routers, available disk space, backup applications, critical virus detection, and more). If our system detects a problem, it alerts the DJJ Technical Support Center, so we can take corrective action. Depending on prearranged instructions from your own network engineers, we’ll correct the problem immediately, wait until the next business day or simply notify you of the issue.

DJJ Network Monitoring can ensure your network is always reliable and available — even during off hours or when your engineer is not on site.

Benefits Include:

  • Continuous device monitoring of critical network systems (including core servers such as e-mail and Web, Internet connectivity, firewall and other applications)
  • Proactive trouble alerts sent to the DJJ Technical Support Center
  • Time and money-saving identification of network and application issues before trouble occurs
  • Easy client access to network status through Internet portal
  • Serves as perfect complement to our monthly Help desk plans
  • No hidden charges — installation and configuration are included

Help Desk outsourcing solution for any organization.

We offer comprehensive Outsourced Help Desk services to customers requiring a full service technical resource center, full or part-time help desk, application support center, or customer service desk. No matter what type of help desk functions you need to outsource, we can provide you with a complete and custom turnkey solution.

Our Outsourced Help Desk solutions allow your organization to benefit from the most highly qualified and certified technical staff anywhere — without having to worry about recruiting, training and fulfillment, and other related tasks.

What’s more, DJJ provides far more than just remote support staff; we actually deploy an entire support infrastructure, including:

  • Knowledgeable, certified, US-based in-house staff
  • 24×7 coverage capability
  • Online live support featuring client technology
  • Team leader and project manager provided
  • Multi-technology support
  • Complete trouble ticket tracking and reporting solution
  • Web-based incident reporting and status tools for end users
  • Tiered service levels and custom response requirements available
  • Optional shared operational control with your in-house help desk team
  • On-site escalation support available
  • Automatic e-mail updates to your staff with embedded satisfaction surveys

To the point: we have the people, and experience to provide a comprehensive help desk outsourcing solution — empowering you to concentrate on running your business, not your network.

Need affordable access to enterprise-class communications and collaborative technology?

DJJ can provide your business with the same solutions that drive the growth of Fortune 500 companies. Eliminate your in-house server, software, hardware or licensing costs. Deploy DJJ’s hosted Microsoft services and reduce your overall IT costs and improve your electronic communications for a small monthly per user fee.

We invested in infrastructure to host mission critical servers at a Top Tier 1 Data Center

We’ve seen more pieced-together systems and crammed component closets than you can shake a crowbar at. So we invested big-time in collocation infrastructure to host mission-critical servers at Top Tier 1 Data Center service provider, which are secure, continuously monitored, technical support and server resources. Take advantage of it. It’s easy — we step in to handle the seamless transition. It’s cost-effective — you share non-mission critical resources with other businesses. It’s comforting — your valuable data is safe-safe-safe in a Tier 1 data center with an uninterruptible power supply.

And what about connectivity?

Redundant from multiple carriers! Redundant from multiple carriers! Redundant from … oh, you get the point.