How DJJ Technologies Saved a Law Firm $1 Million

The Challenge: The firm’s phones, data networks and phone circuits — for which they had been spending $100,000.00 a month — were terribly out of date and inconsistent across it’s 29 locations. The customer desired to install hosted voice services, wanted to create a redundant backup system, and wanted each location to have the capability to manage their own data and phone systems.

The Details:

  • 3 locations were on Broadsmart Hosted Services (two Atlanta sites and one in Delray Beach, FL) costing $22,000.00 a month. The firm had no way to manage the system themselves and had to submit a trouble ticket any time they needed a change, which cost time and a lot of money.
  • All East Coast locations were on legacy phone systems that needed to be replaced.
  • West Coast locations had Mitel phone systems costing over $50,000.00 a month in phones and circuits.

The DJJ Solution: DJJ Technologies was able to provide hosted voice phone systems, large fiber optic data networks, call center features, and a totally separate redundant data network as a backup system in case of service interruptions.

  • DJJ installed a hosted Cisco solution at all locations, with call center features they didn’t have before, new AT&T Point-to-Point burstable circuits, ATT fiber Internet, CenturyLink fiber for some West Coast sites, and coax connections at all locations for redundancy, for a total cost of $75,000.00.
  • Hosted Voice for the entire enterprise was $30,000.00 compared to almost $60,000.00 in their previous spend set up (which was not fully integrated).
  • Remote sites were all moved to fiber: 20Mg at smaller sites, 50Mg at medium use locations and 100Mg at larger sites, with 100Mg burstable to1Gig for connectivity between the locations and the data center.
  • Old legacy circuits were canceled and replaced with coax backups.

The Result: DJJ solved the law firm’s telecommunications and data issues, saving the firm 1 million dollars over the term of the contract. The total phone rollout took only 4 months to install a total of 1,400 telephones and to bring up the data circuits, so that the firm could quickly benefit from greatly increased secure network capacity, a totally managed network, and a hosted phone system.

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