Cloud based IP Telephony. NO equipment and NO maintenance needed. Quick and Easy setup.

Hosted or “Cloud” PBX has the best of both worlds.

Benefits derived from a hosted PBX delivery model include Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings from low CAPEX costs with the elimination of on-premise hardware and support for your existing IP phones, low monthly costs with unlimited calling and unified communications, and elimination of annual charges typically associated with long term maintenance contracts and on-premise hardware failures.

Hosted or “Cloud” PBX includes business features and services that premise based phone systems lack and other hosted PBX providers cannot provide such as unified messaging and unified presence.

Hosted PBX features include unlimited auto attendants, voicemail, call recording, account codes, remote employee support, unified messaging, multi-site reporting and soft phones. We also include unified communications for fax, email, chat, and mobile text, with fully integrated presence regardless of location.

The Hosted PBX advantages continue with integrated desktop sharing, webinar and remote desktop capabilities as well as a call center module with skills base routing all backed up with our future proof services assurance that provides updates, features and lifetime support 24×7.

  • UNLIMITED digital business voice
  • Unlimited Auto-attendant (Included in Communicator)
  • Call handling (Hold, Fwd, Transfer, Pickup/Park, DND, Caller ID)
  • Flexible call routing (holidays, calendar, day and night, live operator)
  • Unlimited Messaging with Follow-Me/Find-Me, voicemail and fax to email
  • Live operator console with active presence
  • SIP-compliant IP phones
  • SIP browser-based softphone integrated into UCC (Included in all suites)
  • SIP browser-based operator console (ACE)
  • Company directory
  • Zone management
  • Custom hunt groups
  • Account Codes (ex: used for communications cost assignment in law offices)
  • Remote Office Extensions
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and Bridge Line Appearance (BLF) support
  • Music on hold
  • Multi-location billing and CDR records

Hosted business PBX comes with unlimited audio conferencing. With no hassle, no reservation, no usage charge and no operator, you can access a conference call at a moment notice. All you need to initiate a call is your conference number or your conference extension in your virtual PBX and a PIN. Whether you have weekly recurring meetings or you are organizing a last minute conference call, Communicator’s unlimited audio conference offers many features to ensure your audio conference call is a success.

Hosted or “Cloud’s audio conference key features include:

  • Up to 20-way IP voice conference
  • Multiple simultaneous conferences
  • Open “meet-me” and invitation-based conference
  • Hosted access options
  • Conduct on-demand audio conference from IP phone or PC-based softphone

Hosted business PBX comes with intelligent follow-me/find-me call routing. With this feature, you’ll never miss another call. Programmed from the user dashboard, you can automatically route incoming calls to any or all of your phones. You can sequence the routing to ring certain phones first or you can “call blast” to all phones in your routing plan. Any phone can be used in the routing plan: cell phone, home phone, office phone or softphone. You can set up schedules to activate different routing plans based on time of day or day or week.

Hosted or “Cloud”‘s intelligent follow-me/find-me call routing key features include:

  • Sequentially route incoming calls to any phone in your routing plan
  • Call blast to all phones simultaneously
  • Set up different routing plans and activate them based on a schedule
  • Manage call routing through easy to use browser dashboard
  • Combined with iMobileCall, you can take your calls with you!

This is not just another voicemail offered by your phone company. Hosted or “Cloud’s enhanced Voicemail is part of our cloud-based unified communications services that empowers businesses to stay connected. It is part of Hosted or “Cloud”‘ digital business PBX service.

Users can retrieve Voicemail anytime and anywhere via any access method. When a Voicemail arrives in your mailbox at the centralized Voicemail system, you will get a message notification on your IP phone as well as your email. You can easily access your Voicemail by phone, PC-based softphone, web-based dashboard or simply listening directly in your email.

With Hosted or “Cloud’s Voicemail, information sharing and collaboration are as simple as a few clicks. Since your Voicemail is converted to a .wav file, you can forward it just like any email to one person, a group of people or the entire organization, which will increase your productivity drastically.

Hosted or “Cloud’s enhanced Voicemail key features include:

  • Central Voicemail administration
  • Individual and group Voicemail boxes
  • Voicemail to Email Delivery
  • Voicemail Call Back
  • Visual Voicemail playback on the web
  • Visual MWI on IP handsets

Real-time user and admin dashboards give you a single unified user experience for all communications activities. Hosted or “Cloud” user dashboards allows your employees to manage their own account, set preferred find-me follow-me call routing plan. Checking voicemail message is a click away. Hosted or “Cloud’s user dashboard is the single web-based application to manage all Hosted or “Cloud” services and user profiles.

Using Hosted or “Cloud’s admin dashboard, you can obtain a comprehensive view for all your critical communications and collaborations across departments and employees. The admin dashboard offers businesses the flexibility to configure virtual PBXs, ACD groups, hunt groups, call detail records by users, as well as detailed reporting capabilities.

Hosted or “Cloud’s real-time dashboard key features include:

  • Business and user account management
  • Real-time PBX and call routing configuration
  • Real-time call detail records
  • End-of-month and on-demand consolidated reporting