County Government: Saved Over $300K & Improved Efficiencies

The Challenge

There were inaccurate records of current telecom services, and the phone and internet bills that were provided required additional research due to billing inaccuracies (DJJ had to secure a letter of authorization to petition the carrier for all of the bills) to fully flesh out a complete picture of the current infrastructure and what the county was paying for.

The county had significant bandwidth issues (existing service was DSL) that caused employee productivity and morale issues; in fact, bandwidth issues were so bad that certain departments had to routinely send employees home because they were so unproductive, which in turn caused service and credibility issues with constituents.

The county also had major issues with an existing phone system — phones and phone circuits were out of date, not userfriendly, and there was no service support for the phone system.

The Solution

Our technology team was able to provide new dedicated fiber optic circuits that ranged in size from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps and cable circuits at some of the less-staffed locations — for approximately $3,200, saving $3,218.00 per month in bandwidth cost… that’s a savings of $38,616.00 per year, and $115,848.00 saved over three years.

The savings were so significant that it allowed the county to upgrade the phone system to a hosted phone solution
that allows for enhanced connectivity between all of the county offices and comes with 24/7/365 support and unlimited maintenance parts.

The Benefits

  • With upgraded bandwidth, personnel in the county jail now have capability to monitor activity real-time with body cameras, and the system provides extended data storage of critical information captured on body cameras.
  • With new Vonage telephone system all departments have easy access and consistent features for interdepartmental connectivity.
  • With more than adequate broadband in place, capability and efficiency of workstations is greatly enhanced and
    service interruptions have been erased, allowing for real-time problem solving and improved client satisfaction with both internal and external clients.
  • Eliminated loss of productivity and costly onsite maintenance due to issues with outdated equipment.
  • Eliminate time spent by the IT manager receiving calls/problems and attempting to restore service on old
    telephone systems. Re-deployment of time for other duties.
  • Alleviated problems associated with billing and record keeping errors.

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