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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) delivers a powerful solution for all Customer Contact Management with two guiding principles, enhanced productivity and complete business accountability.

Enhanced Productivity

To ensure more customers are professionally dealt with by the best qualified people within the organization, maximizing staff talk times during an average day and automating much of the business process allowing personnel to focus on more productive tasks

Complete Accountability

No other software within a company department provides such complete Management information in both a Live and Historical manor to allow companies to make informed decisions on the Service levels they are aiming to deliver and the staff head count required in achieving this goal.

ACD/Contact Center

Once deployed most organizations tend to utilize the ACD/Contact Center to build a cohesive strategy for growth, maintaining customer loyalty and increasing revenues

How It Works

ACD offers a unique approach as utilizing its Integration module it can work seamlessly with legacy PBX platforms removing the need to upgrade your Telephone system to achieve the Customer service targets desired and also migrate onto any new VoIP solution when the need arises. This removes the need to retrain staff and risk losing productivity during this period.

ACD integrates using a VoIP PBX interface for modern platforms or connections for traditional telephone systems.

Once deployed ACD delivers comprehensive routing and management, Integration into customer data records for CTI purposes, live information displays for tactical decision-making and Historical business reporting that provides comprehensive information on the performance of systems and people within the organization.

Increased Productivity

The ACD module delivers the productivity required exactly where it is needed, focusing on increasing staff performance by ensuring customers are connected to the best qualified member of staff quickly, allowing a “One stop resolution”, Increasing the actual staff/ Customer talk times by automating manual and labor intensive process and providing complete management information to target areas for staff improvement and allow more informed strategic planning.

Investment Protection

The ACD module can allow you to manage the cost of upgrading major Voice and Data applications as it can integrate seamlessly with Legacy PBX platforms and Mature Database products, allowing you to make the strategic hardware/software changes when it suits your business. Once the decision has been made to upgrade key systems however Fluency ACD can migrate directly into this environment and provide extensively more functionality and business benefit then the PBX/ACD.

What Is The ACD Advantage?

  1. ACD provides enterprise functionality at SMB prices
  2. Integrates with most VoIP or traditional PBX platforms 
  3. Can be easily upgraded to receive the extra modules such as IVR for self-service or Call recording with Quality Monitoring
  4.  Can be easily customized to fit into virtually any business environment to deliver focused benefits and not force you to change practice to suit the technology

Common ACD Applications

  • Financial sector- Delivering Customer service and advice
  • Outsourcing- Service or sales hubs on behalf of third party companies
  • Local Government- ensuring a consistent service level for all contacting citizens
  • Health- Providing critical contact solutions to Hospitals and health companies
  • Retail- Delivering Product sales to supplement web strategy and after sales service
  • IT Support
  • Automotive- Allowing consistency in sales/service departments

Other modules within the communication suite are: 

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Call Recording

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony/Data technology that allows organizations to offer a huge selection of appropriate and customizable self-service options to customers. 

Utilizing both Speech recognition and touch-tone telephony to interact with a business process or customer database. IVR technology does not require you to dedicated human resource to deliver customer service that can be replicated and is the perfect supplement for your own customer interfacing staff.

For example, banks and credit card companies use IVR systems so their customers can receive up-to date account information, Pay bills or alter account details instantly and easily without having to speak directly to a member of the Banks staff.

IVR technology is also used to gather information, as in the case of telephone surveys in which the user is prompted to answer questions by talking directly to the IVR or pushing the numbers on a touch-tone telephone. A common example of this is Television companies providing voting lines for Shows such as Pop Idol or Big Brother.

IVR is often used in conjunction with contact centers as it can use customer information held in a database to decide on where a customer should be routed. For instance, a customer calling a sales order line who has arrears on their account could be automatically routed to the collections department.

IVR implementations can enable organizations to do more with less staff providing a rapid return on investment.

How It Works?

An IVR system talks to callers following a recorded script. It prompts a response for the caller to respond by talking or pressing a
touch-tone key and supplies the caller with information based on responses made. Text information held in database applications can be read back to callers in a variety of languages and accents using text-to-speech technology. The IVR Dialogue generator can easily create literally hundreds of self-service applications giving your business a competitive edge.

Increased productivity

The IVR allows organizations to build a more flexible customer service model or enhance your revenue generating capabilities without increasing headcount. Also repetitive tasks can be automated within the IVR leaving staff free to focus on more productive areas of your business. This is perfect for a 24-hour business environment that will deliver consistency in service and with a comparatively low cost.

Investment protection

The IVR provides the ultimate flexibility in ensuring that users can not only keep their current Voice and Data infrastructure intact, but also achieve more value from it.

IVR integrates seamlessly and securely with data applications, and can either connect directly into the users current PBX platform, or provide its own Network Interface Card [VoIP or ISDN T1/E1]. However should the customer Voice platform or data application need to be changed in the future then the IVR will work seamlessly with the new solutions, as the Integration module within Fluency will guarantee that the investment made is fully protected.

What is the advantage?

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module is a powerful solution that provides functionality previously only available to large companies. These customizable applications can be delivered quickly and without the massive cost of similar products.

The IVR design interface will provide a solution, which will add real value into virtually any market environment.

Common IVR applications

  • Telephony Voting lines and surveys
  • Financial sector- Customers checking on Policy or account details
  • Business continuity and Emergency notification- multiple key personnel can be automatically called, e-mailed or sent text alerts and informed of an emergency situation
  • Telephony ordering
  • Local Government-Information provision to citizens
  • Hospitality-Voice messaging and Mail service with full Hotel systems integration
  • Priority customer routing
  • Appointment reminders
  • Education- Automatically alert parents when children are absent from school and provides a 24-hour service allowing parents to call in and listen to pupil grades and performance

Other modules within the communication suite are: 

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Call Recording

Do you need to Record telephone calls? If you are governed by Financial services legislation than legally yes! But if you wish to drive staff improvement and customer accountability than Recording all transactions and using this information to improve your business strategy is a massive benefit.

The following compliance statements apply when handling financial transactions: 

  1. All calls must be recorded
  2. Calls must be stored and archived for a minimum of 6 months or the length of the contract between you and your customer 
  3. Best practice must be adopted when Quality monitoring calls and endeavors demonstrated to improve staff performance

How It Works?

Recording module integrates easily into your current Voice/Data environment and will record calls and business transactions from the agent screen. The module will either sit on your IP LAN/WAN and record Voice packets, Tap into the ISDN network feed or Connect directly to your digital/Analogue handsets.

Once the recordings are captured, the module can highlight key words or parts of the conversation and remove critical or personal sections from broadcast. When listening to calls, managers can build and store simple or comprehensive Scoring forms,which drill directly into staff weaknesses, producing full historical performance data that allows you to improve your business interface and fully comply with legislative requirements.

Increased productivity

Recording module enables any business to introduce full accountability with extensive voice and data capture which will empower managers to make much more informed decisions and also utilize this data to build stronger customer service strategies

The Recording module can be deployed on virtually any ISDN/Digital Voice platform and capture data from most mature agents desktop applications. However in the future if a new VoIP or CRM solution is introduced then it simply alters its configuration and continues to manage the very heart of your customer service operation

What is the advantage?

Provides the Enterprise Voice and Data capture and management analysis deployed in most large Enterprises but delivers this package into the mass marketplace. Also can be simply upgraded to add in the additional modules of IVR,ACD or Predictive dialing.

Common Recording applications

  • Financial sector- To fully comply with legislation
  • Local Government-Information provision to citizens and improving local customer service
  • Retail- To confirm transactions and improve front line customer service
  • Legal- To produce evidence that is legally admissible in any court of law
  • Security- To record and analyze potentially dangerous or threatening conversations

Other modules within the communications suite are:

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Predictive Dialer

Dialers are designed to deliver huge increases in productivity and accuracy when targeting customers or prospects. They are designed to Utilize data held or secured by an organization and then automate much of the process that proves to be time consuming or non productive.

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