71 percent of hackers say they can breach the perimeter of a target within 10 hours” and 100 percent within 15 according to the latest ‘Black Report’ from Nuix, surveying hacker method and motivation.

Enterprise security professionals point to unknown IT initiatives, lack of network security cohesion, and overlapping controls and processes.

Let this recap of 2017’s biggest cyber-incidents so far serve as a reminder of just how chaotic things have already gotten–and the year’s only halfway done.

National Cyber Security Centre chief says an attack with the potential to hit infrastructure could come within the next two years.

IT security budgets, as well the costs of data breaches, are up for North American enterprises and SMBs.

Former IBM vice president of strategic partners for cloud and Watson platforms, Mercer Rowe, has been appointed to lead the new cloud business as vice president and general manager of Avaya Cloud.

Explore IP Telephony Market Expected to Register at a CAGR of 8.8% During 2017-2025